creamy LIP BALM


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         LIP BALM

Blue Agave Signature Range

To moisten and heal dry, chapped and everyday lips.

Natural, organic and wholesale ingredients:

Shea Butter…sustainable natural resource, Fair Trade certified Raw African Shea Butter. Loaded with vitamins to prevent dryness, to lubricate, to moisturise and to heal.

Cocao Butter…Fair Trade certified.  Non-GMO.  High emollient.  The properties of creamy Cocao Butter acts as a protective barrier against sun and wind.

Calendula Infusion…grown and harvested in Australia.  Boosts healing - even severely chapped or split skin.

Blue Agave…sustainably produced.  Keeps lips moist.

What goes on your lips goes into your body.  After Sun & Sea’s Lip Balm is natural, pure, safe and non-toxic.  Formulated to stay on and keep your lips moistened. Can be used as primer under lipstick or just as is.  A little goes a long way.


VEGAN FRIENDLY   No Parabens – No Formaldehyde – No Animal Testing

15g Tin

Complete Active Ingredients:  Blue Agave* Almond Oil* Coconut Oil* Cocoa Butter* Shea Butter* Vitamin E*

Candelilla and Soy Wax Castor Oil

(*High Grade Organic Ingredients)

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