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          FACE WASH

Blue Agave Signature Range

A mild and natural cleanser to remove everyday impurities that collect in your facial pores.

All natural, organic and antibacterial ingredients:

Blue Agave…Fair Trade organic raw Blue Agave.  Gently cleanses and attracts moisture to your skin.

Lavender Infusion…Australian grown organic Lavender.  Cleans the skin to neutralise any excess oil or bacteria.  Helps to keep pores clean of build-up but also fights acne and breakouts.

Aloe Vera…Australian cold pressed, pure Aloe Vera juice.   Salicylic acid gives aloe vera its antibacterial qualities.  Soothes skin inflammation.

Healthy skin care habits are the first step to beautiful skin.    After Sun & Sea’s Face Wash specially formulated to prepare your skin to better absorb the benefits of After Sun & Seas Skincare products.

Gently massage over dampened face morning and night then rinse with warm water for best cleansing results.


VEGAN FRIENDLY   No Parabens – No Formaldehyde – No Animal Testing

120ml Packed in Airless Pump Pack (more product – stays fresh longer)

Complete Active Ingredients:  Almond Oil* Blue Agave* Fair Trade Pure Castile Liquid Soap* Lavender Infusion* Vegie Wax* Stearic Acid Germal Plus and Blue Agave*

(*High Grade Organic Ingredients)

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